About the XX International Scientific Conference 19.05.2023

Liepaja University in cooperation with

Latvian Language and Literature Teachers’ Association

The Latvian Association of Teachers of English

Speech Therapists’ Association of Latvia

Latvian Association of Applied Linguistics

Goethe-Institut Riga

and Liepaja Department of Education

welcome you to participate in the 20th International Scientific Conference


May 19, 2023

Conference topics
In the language acquisition conference, the following themes will be discussed
  • Linguistic research on the content of language teaching and its acquisition
  • Linguistic didactics research on language learning in higher education and non-formal education
  • Pedagogical and psychological research on language learning for children, young people and adults
  • Development of the child's speech and language in preschool and family
  • Offer of mother tongue and foreign language acquisition in Latvian schools
  • Special educational needs in language learning
  • The impact of culture, subculture and value orientation on language learning
  • Acquisition of the Latvian language as a foreign language in Latvia and abroad
  • The language environment in Latvia and the importance of the population's linguistic attitude in language learning
  • Use of IT for modern language learning solutions
  • Status of communicative and linguistic competence in the labor market
  • Speech and language development disorders, their correction and prevention
  • Academic writing in school and higher education

Conference working languages
Latvian, English, German

Please register for the conference by May 9, 2023

The rapporteurs will receive confirmation of participation in the conference by May 10, 2023.

See the application form

Conference proceedings
  • The conference will take place in person at the University of Liepaja and online. Detailed information about the e-platform and connection options will be sent to the participants a week before the conference

  • Duration of the report in plenary - 20 minutes, in working groups - 15 minutes

  • Master classes will be held in the third part of the conference:
    • Use of the light table in the correction of speech and language disorders (Ieva Malinovska, Anete Laugale, Latvian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists)
    • Easy language - an assistant in the daily work of the teacher (Dite Liepa, Velga Polinska, Latvian Language Institute of the University of Latvia) Easy language can become an assistant in the work of the teacher, both when explaining the subject matter and when communicating with students and their parents. In the workshop, the basic principles of easy language will be explained and illustrated with practical examples at the level of word formation, vocabulary, text format and syntax.
Membership fees
  • For speakers with a publication: EUR 85.00 (if there are 2 or more authors - EUR 50.00 each)

  • For rapporteurs without publication: EUR 15.00

  • Author of a scientific article (without participation in the conference): EUR 70.00 (if there are 2 or more authors - EUR 35.00 each)

  • For listeners: EUR 15.00 ((upon presentation of a supporting document - for students EUR 5.00, for doctoral students EUR 10.00)

The participation fee includes:

  • for speakers with a publication - confirmation of participation in the conference, scientific publication, conference materials
  • for speakers without publication - confirmation of participation in the conference, conference materials
  •  for listeners - confirmation of participation in the conference, conference materials
  • for authors of publications who do not participate in the conference - a scientific publication
  • online technical support (including translation)

We also cover the costs of the conference's online technical support (including translation) from the conference fees.


Please make the transfer for participation in the conference, as well as for the publication by May 12, 2023 (for attendees by May 17 inclusive) to the following account:

University of Liepaja
No. LV90000036859
Treasury, code TRELLV22XXX
Account No. LV45TREL9150190000000

Purpose of payment: 21490, participation fee (or publication) in the conference "Language Acquisition: Problems and Perspectives", XX, participant's name, surname

Publishing options

In connection with the conference, a multilingual collection of scientific articles “Language Acquisition: Problems and Perspectives” (ISSN 1407-9739 (printed), ISSN 2661-5584 (digital)) is published:

  • The author of a scientific article corresponding to the topic of the collection may submit it without participating in the conference either in person or in absentia, but by submitting his / her application within the specified term

  • Articles are published in Latvian, English and German (see conditions for preparation of the publication)

  • All articles submitted to the collection are anonymously reviewed, evaluated and accepted or rejected by the International Editorial Board prior to publication

* In 2024, it is planned to publish a double issue of the collection of scientific articles "Language acquisition: problems and perspective" which will contain the papers presented at the XIX Conference on May 20, 2022 and at the XX Conference on May 19, 2023.

The authors are asked to submit the articles electronically by July 31, 2023 at vapp.lapp@liepu.edu.lv

Indexed by EBSCO

The collection of scientific articles "Language Acquisition: Problems and Perspectives" is published once a year or as a double issue every two years.

If the editorial board rejects the article as thematically or qualitatively inappropriate during the review process, the fee for the publication will not be refunded. The same applies if the author (s) withdraw the article submitted for editing.

Articles in the collection are assigned a DOI index and are registered in the international metadata catalog Crossref. Bibliographic information can be found here: https://www.crossref.org/